3D Printed Homes

Jan 25, 2017 12 Noon Pacific Time (3:00 PM ET)

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3D printing of homes is a futuristic idea and is very much at the beginning stages of this technology. 3D printing itself is not new. It has been used for many years, especially in manufacturing for creating small scale prototypes of products in the design stage. Small scale is the key work here.


The idea of 3D printing something as massive as a home is quite the different beast. The technology and process is basically the exact same process that would be used in smaller scale 3D printers. It should easily translate into giant sized printers for home construction. And it has, in the handful of printed homes and buildings that have been erected around the world so far.

What is still being worked on,  are a few other items that need to be figured out. What is the best material? What density is the right density of those material to pour smoothly and dry hard and fast? What designs make the most of this new style of construction? What designs are poor for additive manufacturing. (Another word for 3D printing) How will cities, towns and municipalities accept this new construction style? Who is going to buy these guinea pig homes with such new manufacturing techniques.

There are many things to work out, but there seems to be no shortage of people and companies eager to give it a go!

The idea of 3D printing home is many fold. It is expected to be mostly automated and therefore require far less manual labour. It is expected to be much faster as well. There should be a significantly wider range of materials that can be used as the base material for the home ranging from concrete, polymers, sandstone and other mud and soil, wood, even salt. The idea is that whatever material is most available in an area can be utilized.
The versatility of design is far more flexible than traditional bricks, wood and mortar. Curves are easy to accomplish with  3D printing and this is desirable in hurricane or tornado prone areas.  Some of the materials such as concrete, are fire resistant.


The speed and anticipated low construction costs make it ideal for developing nations to build plentiful inexpensive housing in areas it is desperately necessary and would be helpful in developed countries for affordable housing where housing prices has left many priced out of the market.

In this show, we will explore 3D printing of homes with two different guests. One guest is Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis of the University of Southern California, who has developed Contour Crafting a 3D printing technique designed for home and building construction.

Next we’ll talk with Larry Haines,  Founder of Sunconomy. Sunconomy is a master planned development including 3D printed homes, tiny homes and  townhouses, among other building designs.
Listen in Wednesday January 25th, 2017 12 Noon Pacific Time (3PM ET) .

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