Wed Jan 18, 2017
12 Noon PT (3PM ET)

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How fun are Drones!? Iphones kinda made us feel like we’ve made it to the Jetsons era, but personal flight devices is really what we needed to make us feel like we’re in the future. I wonder why we never saw drones on a Star Trek? But Star Wars knew. 😉 (Remember the little round levitating droid helping Luke practice with the light saber?)  

So now that we’re finally embarking on the future, what can we expect from these little guys, in and around our homes, neighborhoods and cities?

As we are very much on the beginning edge of the drone revolution, it’s hard to really grasp the uses we can put them towards. Just like we could not guess the sheer number of apps and the many uses we put them towards on our mobile device when the iPhone first came out, similarly we can’t yet get the full picture of how many ways we’ll use these newly opened up 3 dimensions now available to us.

For so long, we have accepted our fate of mostly being relegated to the 2 dimensional surface of the planet that we live on, build on and basically live on.

The old real estate adage of “They’re not making any more land.” may become extinct as we grasp our newly found 3-D freedom.

With the advent of exponentially improved drone technology over the next few years and decades, we can anticipate layers of drone highways in the air, moving product, services and of course people around without the oh so quaint and antiquated idea of gravity holding us to the surface of the earth.

Today’s show is going to be an exploration of where we know we are going with Drone technology, where we think and where we hope it will go, and how all it may affect your home and community of the future.

Guest: Miriam McNabb , CEO of Job for Drones and Contributing Editor for DRONELIFE

As a Contributing Editor for DRONELIFE, Miriam developed a passionate enthusiasm for the drone industry and the benefits that drone technology offers across a wide range of industries.  She has a deep understanding of federal drone regulations and the evolving drone business.  Miriam believes that drones are a major disruptive technology that will change our lives for the better – performing many commercial tasks better, cheaper, and safer than manned aircraft can and offering a tremendous humanitarian impact in search and rescue, disaster recovery, firefighting, and other applications.

Miriam has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, working as the VP of Sales and Marketing for financial market technology companies and consulting firms, and in a variety of roles at larger technology firms like Advent Software.

Contact Miriam:

Twitter: @spaldingbarker
Facebook: Facebook.com/jobfordrones
Website: Jobfordrones.com, DRONELIFE.com


Guest: Omar Eleryan with  Cleo Drone

Omar is the Founder and CEO of Cleo Robotics, a Calgary startup building the world’s first drone that is both safe and portable.

Contact Cleo Robotics:

facebook: Cleo Drone
Twitter: @DroneCleo


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